Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of the Dentist

The number one reason many people put off or even avoid visiting the dentist altogether isn’t because of insurance or costs. It might surprise you to know that most people are in fact scared of the dentist.

It’s not that the dentist and his staff aren’t perfectly nice people. It’s that many people fear even simple dental procedures because of the pain they associate with them. It’s true that a couple decades ago, dental advancements were not what they are today. Things are much more painless now.

Still, coming to the dentist even for a simple assessment can be terrifying. That’s why patients that are a bit skittish should consider sedation to effectively treat their dental problems. Putting off dental visits only results in more complex treatments in the future which could be avoided if you visit your dentist regularly.

But not everyone is proactive and for those people, there’s sedation. According to Birkbeck Dentistry, “Sedation is the most effective way to treat nervous patients. It removes the anxiety of dental treatment.”

During dental procedures that involve sedation, medication is administered through the back of the hand, providing a relaxing and calming feeling. It’s safe and much cheaper than general anesthesia (G.A.). Patients under sedation can communicate while the treatment is going on, however they don’t usually recall anything about it.

Sedation makes patients drowsy and unaware of the ongoings in the oral cavity. It’s the ideal solution for nervous patients. In this way, the dental procedures that need to be completed to help you with your oral hygiene are done plus you don’t get the pain, stress, or worry thanks to the sedation.

If you’re anxious but not ready to go to bits, you can take a sedative tablet the night before instead, as well as another one an hour before your treatment. It will help quell your fears and make it easy for the dental team to properly care for you.

One thing about sedation though is that you’ll be incapable of driving or working for the duration of the day. It’s mandatory that someone assist you with getting home and looking after you once your procedure is completed.

So is sedation right for you? If you’re the nervous sort, likely so. But before you make any decisions about it, meet with your dentist for just a simple chat to discuss your options for treatment and sedation to put your fears to rest.

Tips for Nursing Woman

When you are a new mom, it is quite understandable that you can get overwhelmed or scared about various things – the first time you breastfeed or the first time you have to start waking up at the middle of the night while because your baby is crying – and then you understand that being a mom isn’t easy.

Nursing for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. And there are a few things you really need to keep in mind when you are nursing for the first time. Here are these tips –

  • The first time it is going to hurt – Don’t be surprised if it hurts the first time. And trust us; the first two weeks are going to be a hell of a ride. But with time it will be fine and you can deal with it better. Don’t you worry.
  • All you need is practice – Practice makes everything perfect. Your baby won’t eat for the first time or won’t let you feed him or her for a few times. But keep trying new tactics to make them eat their lunch. Read about it – talk to your best girlfriend about it if she is already a mom – or ask your mom or mother-in-law.
  • Moisturize your nipples – When your baby isn’t feeding, keep moisturizing your nipples. It will keep getting sore and cracked and even raw. Buy creams that can moisturize your skin better. But also, take advice from your doctor which will be the best option for you.
  • Don’t over pump your breasts – It is not at all advisable to keep pumping your breasts frequently. Do not over pump your breasts unless you have enough supply.
  • Don’t be afraid to breastfeed in public – It is maybe a new experience for you but you shouldn’t be afraid to breastfeed in public. This is your baby having lunch – what to be ashamed of or to be afraid of?